Tips on Storing Wine at Home

Tips on Storing Wine at Home

As you are an already established wine collector, you might be interested in the prospects of storing wines at home; however, you might need help with how to accomplish this; therefore, doing some research beforehand might be a good idea on your part. Thus, by investing in a properly working wine cooler or fridge such as the cda wine cooler, with its built-in temperature alarm system and dehumidifier, there is a surefire factor that you would properly store your wine collection at the pivotal environmental factors required to appropriately cool, preserve and age fine bottles of wine. In addition, you may be interested in investing in thermoelectric wine coolers that are quiet and do not vibrate to ensure the additional safety of all wine stored inside. However, as stated before, you might not be sure as to which wine fridge model or make you would like to invest in, therefore by doing research and some investigation into all the available wine fridge models, you might notice that there are many wine fridge manufacturers, such as Bodega43, to name one of many in availability, that specialize in the making of these high tech pieces of wine machine armory; therefore, you can be rest assured, that your wine collection, would be suitably taken care off in such a specialized piece of equipment.

A single-zone wine fridge

When you desire to start storing your favorite bottles of wine at home, consider first what type of wine storage system you would require to suit your needs as a serious wine collector or just someone starting as a first-time hobby. However, when deciding this pivotal factor, there are several methods of storing wine at home, for example, in a wine fridge; nonetheless, there are various shapes and forms of such a device available on the market. Therefore, if you require a smaller version of a wine cooler or fridge, start by investigating the options available with a single-zone wine fridge.


A dual-zone wine cooler

Upon realizing that you are the type of connoisseur who desires to collect red and white wine simultaneously, you can invest in a dual-zone wine cooler or fridge. With this device, there are two different storage compartments, however; each room can be set to accommodate the warmer temperature needed for red wine and the slightly colder required temperature for white wine, as many experts believe and recommend that these two wines require different storage environments, therefore, by placing them at the same time, you can save on storage space, invest in either a smaller unit or a bigger unit in the form of a slim and tall version; however, this choice is up to you as you would by now know the capacity needed for your collection.

A dry and cool room

It is suggested, and highly so, that you should always protect and preserve your wine in a properly working wine cooler or fridge; however, if this prospect is not a reality to some, there might be the option of storing your wine in a dry and cool room, such as a closet or cabinet, however as said before this is not always the right choice. In addition, when storing wine in such a fashion, always remember the pivotal part of staying away from direct sunlight, as its harmful UV rays would be detrimental to the wine bottles preserved inside. Henceforth, do keep in mind that different types of wine need proper serving temperatures; therefore, the advisement of placing them in a wine fridge; however, do stay a distance away and be wary of putting your wine collection in a standard refrigerator as this appliance is not suitable for the proper preservation of wine.