Purchasing or Renting Property in Virginia Water

Purchasing or Renting Property in Virginia Water

Virginia Water Surrey is one of the nice places to live. This area is located in Northern Surrey. Virginia Water is also close to the Wentworth Estate and The Wentworth Club. In addition, Virginia Water is also located close to some motorways such as M25, M4, and M3. In order to support the life of people in there, Heathrow Airport is located close to Virginia Water. It’s about 7 miles to the North Eastside. Virginia Water is known as the place with a beautiful view and a peaceful atmosphere. It attracts people to live there.

The available property to rent


If you want to live in Virginia Water, you have two options in choosing the accommodation. You can choose whether to rent or purchase a property there. If you want to choose a property to let in Virginia Water, you can choose it from the trusted real estate agency. One of the best real estate agencies to choose a property in Virginia Water is Barton Wyatt. You can choose any kind of type of property in this real estate agency. The property that will be selected should be fitted with the budget. It will be better for you to know more about the types of property of Barton Wyatt. If you want to rent an apartment, you can choose the one-bedroom apartment that is located in Imperial Court, Virginia Water. This apartment is an unfurnished apartment. It has one bedroom that is designed with the wardrobes. The bathroom is equipped with an electric shower. This apartment is also designed with the connecting living room – the kitchen. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the parking area since the apartment also provides the resident parking. If you live with your family, you may need a wider space in the house. In this case, you can choose to rent the 4 bedrooms detached house that is located in Lime Tree Walk Virginia Park. This property is designed with several features such as an en-suite bathroom, family bathroom, living room connecting to the dining room, luxury kitchen, double garage, resident’s pool, laundry room, and other facilities in the neighborhood.

The available property to sale

If you want to choose one of the properties for sale in Virginia Water, you can choose several types that are provided by the Barton Wyatt real estate. For example, you can choose the 5 bedrooms detached house that is located in Wentworth Estate. This house is designed with the AMX home technology system. This technology will enable people to control the household by using iPads or remotes. In addition, it is also designed with the Japanese and organic gardens. There is a garage that can fit two cars. In addition, this property is also designed with an amazing kitchen garden. Another property is 7 bedrooms detached house that is located in Woodlands Road West, Wentworth, Virginia Water. This house is designed with the family room, drawing room, study room, dining room, kitchen, shower room, master bedroom, 6 further bedrooms, en suite bedroom, balcony, 3 car garage, and staff accommodation room.