How To Upgrade Your Home if You’re Expecting a Baby

How To Upgrade Your Home if You’re Expecting a Baby

Pregnancy is such an exciting time. With it comes big planning and anticipation. If you’re a homeowner having your first baby, you’ll want to think about upgrades to your home that will make adding your new addition to daily life a little easier. If you’re expecting a baby, here are some simple home upgrades to consider that will mean more time for your new baby in addition to safety.

Organizing Your Home Before Baby

Not every home upgrade has to come with a big price tag or intimidating cost. You can start with taking a look around your home and finding ways to reduce or organize clutter. Instead of having too many pictures up, for example, think about investing in a photo backup device where you can store the photos you already have and make space for the hundreds that will come during your baby’s first few months. An organized home is the best way to free up space for your baby, who will come with accessories, gadgets, furniture, and toys of their own.

Something as simple as Magna-Tiles storage bins for everything from magnetic blocks to baby supplies could go a long way in helping you to get organized before your baby arrives. The best part is that your baby will be able to use these creative and fun boxes for toys as they grow up.

magnetic blocks

Another great option for organizing your home is to consider purchasing baskets or cubes you can easily see into. Because babies can run through several outfits a day and are magnets for spills and messes, having things like wipes and fresh burping cloths, breast pads, or clean bottle nipples in many rooms of the home will make your life easier as you go. Again, you can change the use of each storage device as your child grows. The cube you’ll use now for baby powder and diapers will someday become a great storage place for crayons or toys.

Considering Child Safety

From baby gates and magnets for kitchen and bathroom counters, you’ll want to babyproof your home well before your baby arrives. Simple upgrades such as locks on things you won’t want your toddler to get into or rearranging where you have shelves and chemicals in your home will make a big difference as your baby gets curious and is old enough to roam.

If you aren’t sure where to start when baby-proofing your home, it’s a good idea to literally get on the ground in each room in your home to view your cabinets, gates, doors, stairwells, and more at your baby’s eye level. From the ground, you’ll have a better perspective of hazard areas and what needs to be done to ensure your child’s safety.

Outside Spaces Around Your Home

Yard safety won’t matter right away but will before you know it. When thinking about upgrades for your home, don’t forget to make a checklist for things you’ll need to change about your yard. Do you live in a busy neighborhood? Is there traffic? Is your backyard fenced in? These are things to consider well in advance of bringing your baby home. If you’re a homeowner who can make changes to your home, start now. If you rent and are concerned about your baby’s safety on someone else’s property, consider ways, you’ll adjust or move on.

things you'll need to change about your yard

No two lifestyles or homes are the same. Only you can determine what home upgrades make sense for your family. By using your support systems and asking around in parenting groups, you’ll be able to get even more ideas about home improvements, upgrades, and even simple hacks that might work best for you. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Have a safe and easy delivery!