How to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget?

How to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget?

There are charming antique or vintage kitchens, and then there are those that are just outdated. You may want a new look for your kitchen but not have the money for an extensive remodel. Fortunately, there are budget-friendly options for refreshing the appearance of your kitchen without the significant investment of time and money that renovation would require.


Most kitchen updates start with the cabinets, and for good reason. Kitchen cabinets Austin is often the focal point of the entire room. If you have the budget available for it, you may wish to reface the cabinets or replace them altogether. However, you do not need to replace the existing units with wood kitchen cabinets Austin to make an update. You can refresh the look of the cabinetry by just replacing the hardware.


Switch Plates

The plates on the light switches can collect dirt and debris, becoming dingy and disgusting to look at. Rather than cleaning them, consider replacing them altogether. You can choose another plastic switch plate, but stainless steel may offer a sleeker, more attractive look. Stainless steel switch plates do not extend out as far from the wall as the plastic variety, and they are also easier to clean.


There are many faucet options available to you. A single-handle faucet costs less than $100 and is an easy fixture for most people to install. Not only can this help improve the look of your kitchen, but it can also help avoid wasting water if the old faucet has sprung a leak.


If you do not already have a rug in your kitchen, you might want to consider adding one. It can brighten up an otherwise dull kitchen. However, be sure that you place a non-skid pad or quality double-faced tape underneath to keep it from sliding.


Recently it has been the fashion to paint kitchen walls in warm, dark colors to make them seem cozier. However, if you prefer a lighter, airier look to your kitchen, a coat of paint in a lighter shade is a relatively easy and inexpensive improvement. It becomes easier if you hire someone else to do it and even less expensive if you decide to handle the job yourself.

Some people also update ugly countertops by painting them. However, before you try it, you might want to consult a professional to help choose a durable paint suitable for the surface. You do not want to use a paint that will chip away and get into the food that you are preparing.