How to Make the Most of Your New Space?

How to Make the Most of Your New Space?

Whether you’re moving into your first house or scoping out one bedroom apartments in Manayunk, maximizing your space creates a sense of openness and ease. Keep your living areas free from crowding and you’ll find yourself more organized and less stressed. These creative solutions will have you living large in no time, in any square footage.

Upgrade Your Storage

Swap clunky baskets for slimmer under the bed containers. Specialty stores devoted to keeping your home clutter-free carry products with fresh ideas for every room. For a more budget-friendly option, check out IKEA favorites like kitchen rails and spice racks designed for tiny kitchens but versatile enough to be repurposed for the bathroom or office. 

One Bedroom Apartments

Harness the Power of Illusion

Mirrors can make a room appear larger — the same goes for a strategically placed accent wall. When the remodeling isn’t an option, curtains create an extra bedroom. Use light colors for walls and rugs to keep things feeling open and airy. If you’re lacking natural light, add floor lamps to increase brightness. 

Do Double Duty

Consider giving your furniture a second job. Instead of buying a room divider, use a bookshelf to split the space. Or use that same bookshelf in lieu of a headboard to add bedroom storage. If you’re short on decor, functional pieces can take on a second job adding style to your space.  A wall-mounted bike adds interest and color to a bare wall. A thoughtfully placed bar cart stores and displays your booze collection. 

Easy steps like choosing neutral colors or selecting multi-purpose furniture pieces can transform a small space. Pay attention to lighting and how you’re stowing odds and ends since little details make all the difference. Shop retailers with a focus on storage solutions for fresh ideas, and remember, living expansively doesn’t have to be expensive.