Give Your Home A Nice Look with Travertine

Give Your Home A Nice Look with Travertine

Travertine is a natural material used for interior and exterior decoration of buildings in landscape design. It is endowed with considerable strength and high density, which makes it resistant to various physical and mechanical influences. The stone is especially popular due to its visual appeal. Warm pastel color, with general sophistication, does not confuse it with any other material. In modern interior design, travertine pavers and tiles are gaining more popularity.

Travertine pavers always remain cool during hot times, and they are highly preferred in patios and pool areas. According to travertine characteristics, it is located between limestone and marble. Therefore, it includes the properties and advantages of both rocks. A feature of travertine is a slightly porous structure and a higher density of stone in comparison with limestone. These properties give travertine tiles three essential qualities: lower weight, low heat conductivity, and excellent soundproof and sound-absorbing performance.

If you wish to remodel your home, then travertine pavers in Sydney are the right choice. They are mostly used in exterior places. Travertine is a perfect material to be used as pavers due to the following reasons;

Non-slippery-Around pool areas or any wet places, travertine can serve well because they are not slippery.

Beautiful and sturdy- Travertine pavers always look elegant when installed. Apart from that, they are composed of sturdy material. This makes them suitable for patios.

Four characteristics of travertine tiles make it incredibly attractive material for building a premise;

1. Excellent thermal insulating properties

Due to its finely porous structure, travertine perfectly retains heat in the winter and the coolness of the room in the summer. This property of travertine significantly reduces heating of the premises in the winter and cools the home in summer.

2. High sound absorption

Thanks to its soundproofing properties, travertine decoration brings additional comfort to the home, because the absence of annoying external noise reduces the stress of the inhabitants of the apartment. For the same reason, travertine tile (especially in antique processing) is a frequent choice for decoration of cafes and restaurants in which a cozy atmosphere is especially important.

3. Aesthetic appearance

Travertine tiles look expensive and elegant on the walls, on the floor, and in other decoration elements. Nice looking pinkish shades of travertine make any room a family-friendly, warm and fresh. Besides, like any natural stone, travertine has its personality and unique pattern.

4. Cost-effective

Savings are more important. You should not opt for a costly tile which is of low quality. Therefore, opt for the travertine tiles in Sydney which have a favorable price range.

Travertine tile is ideally suited for facing surfaces in the hall, kitchen, corridors and other rooms. The rough structure of the travertine tile is an additional advantage of the material as a floor covering, as it provides greater security, preventing slipping. Also, travertine tiles proved to be quite useful in the manufacture of windowsills, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and fireplace portals. Travertine is widely used in landscape design and in the decoration of building facades.