Explain in Detail About Types of Mesh Wire

Explain in Detail About Types of Mesh Wire

Wire woven into material often used for fencing or similar. An acceptable gauge type of wire mesh is embedded into the glass to make an early form of security glass. A chain link fence is the most common example to be taken. Here are some types of mesh wire explained in detail.

· Rectangular mesh wire

With an excellent, intelligent team and modern technology, manufacturers of rectangular wire mesh fabricated under the supervision of industry experts and leaders. This wire mesh includes woven or welded wires in a rectangular square grid. The rectangular wire mesh is used for external applications like pavements, precast panels, and warehouse and industrial shed slabs.

· Square mesh wire

Wire Mesh is a top-rated product used in the present day. Square Wire Mesh, also called wire cloth or wire fabric, is a vital product manufactured by blue diamond. This square wire mesh is put into various applications from industrial to commercial. It has a clean, simple appearance and uniform grid patterns, making the square wire mesh an economically versatile product.

This mesh wire is used for storage containers, protection barriers, security fencing, and loading animals. They are also capable of being used in the construction and engineering industries.

· Inter crimped mesh wire

The inter-crimped wire mesh comprises stainless steel, low carbon steel, and many more by weaving with pre-crimped metal wire to form rectangular or square holes. This wire mesh is called the wire’s crossing points because the cables are both crimped.

Since it offers excellent stability, tightness of the weave, and leaves maximum rigidity, it is widely used for wall decoration, unique doors, wall ceilings, and roofing decorations varying at different building locations. It is majorly used for fixed partitions or isolations in architectural uses.

· Stainless steel mesh wire

With a firm commitment to quality, blue diamond offers an exclusive range of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh designed following international standards and norms. This wire mesh’s texture varies from fine, soft, and flexible to rigid. Modern technique and a flexible production plan help us manufacture products that meet the customer’s requirements.

Stainless steel wire mesh is highly resistant to corrosion and is also usable under high pressure, high temperature, and high resistance. Hence it is used as a filter in the plastic, rubber, and oil industry along with wiredrawing, weaving of wire mesh, soft pipe, a beam of cabinet, steel wire rope, etc.

· GI mesh wire

According to industrial norms, GI Wire Mesh is manufactured using top-grade material and modern machines. Fine quality, Flexibility, and High tensile strength describe the GI Wire Mesh manufactured by the company. This Wire Mesh finds its usage in various industries, including mines, oil, chemical, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.

The GI Wire Mesh has a comparatively longer life and budget-friendly maintenance cost. It is also used in various railway stations, construction sites, warehouses, factories, etc., for security purposes. Rust resistance, high endurance, and dimensional accuracy are the essential features of GI Wire Mesh.

· MS mesh wire

Blue diamond is a company manufacturing MS Wire Mesh using its vast industry knowledge. Durable, maintenance-free, and precisely designed, the MS Wire Mesh is resistant to all manufacturing defects and gives a flawless performance in a specific industry.

Being resistant to rust, it is widely used in applying filters, strainers, baskets, sieves, and separators. It is commonly used in residential and commercial complex fencing due to its aesthetic appeal and quick installations.