Buying Guide for Your New Kitchen Lighting

Buying Guide for Your New Kitchen Lighting

Getting your kitchen lighting right can really make a difference to the room. Well planned kitchen lighting should work together to achieve different goals and set your kitchen up to be ready for any situation. Keep reading for guidance on what to look for when it comes to kitchen lighting.


Go for Multiple Tones

Lighting should be doing different things in your kitchen depending on what you need them for. In light bulbs you will get a bright white light and a warmer yellower tone. For a crisp modern kitchen a white light is generally best and the warm yellow is better saved for a more rustic vintage kitchen. However, you can mix these lights around the kitchen to serve their purposes. White light is a closer tone to natural light, so that should be the type you use to illuminate your counter tops, so you can ensure food is properly cooked and ingredients are correctly measured.

Install Dimmers

For your warmer toned areas, you should equip your lighting with a dimmer function for the best of both worlds. In areas like your kitchen island or around unused counter edges warm mood lighting can work very well, especially with any focused task lighting switched off, it adds a charm and relaxing nature to the kitchen for when you aren’t cooking. Of course, it helps to know that with the dimmer switches turned down you are using less electricity and therefore saving money on your bills as a bonus!

Target Darkness

When you are looking for new kitchen lighting you should be looking at your current setup and finding ways to improve it. To that end you’ll want to pick out spaces in your kitchen that are cast in shadow. The primary goal of all your lights should be to work with any natural light present to make sure the entire room is nicely lit. Only once that goal is accomplished should you look at fitting feature lights and illuminating cabinets to draw the eye towards your fanciest kitchen luxuries.

Explore the Island

Nothing says showpiece like a stylish kitchen island. An island makes a statement about your kitchen as soon as you enter the room, and you can enhance that statement by upgrading your island with some clever lighting. Kitchen island lighting works best when it is used to highlight the area around the island as well. Use under-cabinet lighting or LED strips beneath the lip of the counter top to create a dazzling frame for the island. If you want to make your floor shine, then also fit some warm toned spotlights in the baseboard.

Lights are a simple way to bring new life to an old room. You can give an island a new mood, surfaces will dazzle under their own spotlights, and when guests come around, they’ll be drawn to wherever the light leads them. Use these hints to be clever with your lighting positioning and visibility to create the joyful experience for everyone that the kitchen should inspire.