Brief About Bobcat Brush Cutter

Brief About Bobcat Brush Cutter

Bobcat brush cutters have helped tackle tough cutting jobs this season, so the brush cutter was introduced to help cut overgrown grass, brush small and large trees, and transform undergrowth into manure.

Featuring a short-end deck for visibility, the attachments are segregated into various tiers to follow the ground surface. The decks then allow the cutter to follow ground contours on the slopes closely. As a dealer-installed option, front roller kits are also available to feature on a roller deck.

With a tight turning radius, the cutter is filled with several models and has a standard inch cutting height for the users.

Know the features of bobcat brush cutter

  • Offset attachment of the dual blade

The offset attachments in the cutter increase visibility, reduce weight in holding and make tailoring easier for everyone.

  • Deck oscillation

The deck follows the ground contour on slopes while concentrating on an even-out.

  • Short deck

The deck design provides maximum working professional visibility around trees and other upcoming barriers at a turning radius point.

  • Smoothly underside

Debris doesn’t get caught easily on the underside of the deck until it is covered with a smooth underside.

  • Double edge blades

Blades are covered with double edges to provide bidirectional cutter rotation by switching the brush cutter head to increase overall blade life.

How does it work?

The bobcat brush cutter operates while traveling from one point to another in both forward and reverses directions. Front discs on all models allow the edges to traverse uneven terraces with minimum skips, reducing operator fatigue for the consumers.

Why is it so helpful for everyone?

It helps in reducing weight and shortening the size of the cutters equipped with two direct drive and offset motors that add a feature in a dual blade design component. The natural drive motor design indicates there are lesser moving parts affiliated with no gearbox added to it.

The cutter’s dual motor efficiency shifts from one blade quickly to the other brushes. Four blades come in contact with a position sign of one and a half inch overlap.

If one blade comes in contact with excessively other heavy brushes, additional overpressure is applied to that area to get help from the motors, and blades recover faster. The cutter’s double edge performance can achieve a higher bidirectional cutter that rotates by switching the cutter heads.

Front safety chains applied on the cutter help to contain debris or mud within the deck and help to prevent it from being thrown outside the area or lawn. The tapered roller of the rear cutter prevents debris from flying out of the back side of the cutting deck.

As a safeguard installed, a named velocity fuse is attached in the attachment to integrate the hydraulic system valve on the standard flow models. Each model covers the best system in it. The fuse protects the direct drive motor, preventing damage by shutting off the hydraulic flow to the cutter if the capacity of the hydraulic motor is exceeded the limit set by the person.

For more safety, a blade is installed for the shutoff feature that shops the other blade rotation when the rear roller of the cutter is raised off the ground.

The cutters are approved for bobcat skid steers, compact truck loaders, all-wheel loaders, and other tool carriers.