Adding New House Stories Can Change Houses in Important Ways

Adding New House Stories Can Change Houses in Important Ways

Even making relatively simple changes to a house or other building can have a considerable effect on its overall value. The home buyers who are searching for a house that has two bathrooms might not even take a look at a house that has one. Adding a bathroom to a house can take time, but the house may be in an entirely new category after the bathroom has been finished.

New Stories

second story is even more significant than a second bathroom. The people who are looking for a home with a couple of bathrooms might decide to compromise and get one bathroom. People looking for two-story houses will rarely decide to get one-story homes instead. 

An entire household story will include multiple rooms. It’s common for a story like that to have four bedrooms and a bathroom. In two-story houses, all the bedrooms are often found on the upper story. A family that decided to get a one-story house and not a two-story house would be choosing to go without five rooms in the process. Many families wouldn’t even be able to consider that option. 

Even the people who only need a couple of bedrooms could still find other uses for a third or fourth bedroom. It’s common for people to turn these rooms into household offices. Working remotely is popular, and people searching for new homes today may be specifically thinking about setting up home offices at some point. 

Almost all second stories will have at least one bathroom. The people who want to add two bathrooms to their homes can do so relatively easily if they have second stories. Not every additional story has to be set up in quite the same way. A structure like this gives people a lot of new possibilities, allowing them to substantially change their homes.

New House Stories

Several Rooms

It’s common for homeowners to decide to add at least one new room to their homes. When they add a room like that to the first floor of the house, the layout of the building will change substantially as a result. 

There may not be enough space for a new room on the first floor of a one-story house. People who add to their homes using this strategy will need to have a certain amount of land surrounding their houses.

Once that new first floor room has been completed, the yard may look noticeably smaller. Depending on the full size of the new room, people may have substantially narrower yards, which could make a house less interesting to some buyers. Other buyers might still care more about the additional room than the lost yard space. However, the people who install new stories won’t lose any of the lands around the house at all.

The new story will usually be as spacious as the first story. People can double the number of rooms that they have. It’s exceptionally difficult to add more than one room to a house without a full new story. A house that has a full new set of rooms is different in almost every way. People might even feel as if they’re building a new home. 

Individuals who are adding upper stories will also have the chance to change the roofs of their homes, making them more modern and sustainable. The new story will still have to match the current story, but that usually won’t limit construction professionals very much. People may decide to change the first story as they add the new one, but that won’t always be necessary. The new house’s story can be custom-made for them and for future buyers.