5 Benefits That Come with UPVC Windows

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Your home is likely to be the single biggest investment you will ever make, and most Australian homeowners prefer to make improvements on a regular basis, as this brings additional comfort, plus home improvements boost the value of a property. The average family home has around 40% of its surface that is glazed, so your windows are not a minority, far from it; they make up a large portion of the exterior surface. Here are 5 benefits to be enjoyed when you install UPVC double glazed windows.

  1. Huge Energy Savings – With so much heat transfer through a single pane of glass, it makes perfect sense to replace your existing windows with units that have a 20mm glazing space that is hermetically sealed with argon gas, which really does prevent heat loss through the glass. When you install UPVC windows, you can expect to save around 40% on your energy bills, and that is something you simply can’t afford to pass up.
  2. Boost in Home Security – You only have to read the local newspaper or community website to see that house break-ins are on the rise, and the average burglar knows all about double glazing and would never attempt a forced entry into a property with double glazing. Thanks to toughened safety glass and metal framed UPVC units, the windows are virtually impenetrable, plus each opening has its own security locking mechanism, which automatically locks when the window is closed, so you won’t forget.
  3. Increased Value – The value of your home will rise significantly the day that UPVC windows are installed, and over the years, this figure will appreciate. In five, or ten years’ time, what will the cost of UPVC windows be? It won’t be cheap and should you ever decide to sell, the price would reflect your investment in the windows.
  4. Greatly Improves Sound Insulation – Most Australian homeowners are shocked to discover how quiet their interior has become after the installation. The neighbour’s lawnmower will fade into the distance, as will dogs barking, and if you are a shift worker, the added sound insulation will help you to sleep during the day.
  5. Aesthetic Improvement – The best way to boost the kerb appeal of your home is to install made to measure UPVC windows, and with a range of attractive colours, there’s bound to be something that works with your property. There are no limits regarding design, and with a faux timber-grain finish, even a rustic property will look great after installing UPVC windows, and with matching doors, the project is complete.

If you would like to explore the potential that UPVC windows offer, simply Google a local supplier and ask them to pay you a home visit. The technician would explain the various design options, plus you can choose the ideal window openings, and within a few weeks, your home will be transformed with state of the art, ultra-thin, UPVC double glazed windows. With so many benefits, it is definitely worth looking into and replacing your old windows with state of the art UPVC units isn’t as expensive as you might think. Take a look into UPVC windows and see what can be done with your property.