3 Jewelry That for Every Woman

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Most of us are tired of boxes lying in the corners. We often wonder of changing these boxes into jewellery boxes but are unsure of the kind of jewellery we need to buy. Style is not about having fancy pearls or heavy neckpieces but accessorizing with a rather comfortable choice of jewellery. Having a box full of unused jewellery is often undesirable. With the setting trend and the seemingly rapid change of fashion rules, it is difficult for most people to keep track of what they need to own. This guide can brief you up to the jewellery that each woman should have in their jewellery box.

  1. The Earrings: Whether it be hoops or tiny studs, earrings are a must. You can easily pair them up with an elegant saree or a funky jacket. Hi, the way you would look astonishing as always. Earrings accentuate the facial structure and can set you up for a beautiful face. A date night or a big fat wedding, earrings are the viable option for anyone who does not like heavy jewellery. Even if you are a fan of jewellery, you can always style yourself with big earrings and look gorgeous as ever.
  2. Nose-pins: Who does not like a quirk in their outfit? To save the day and the trend nose-pins are a great option. Nose-pins come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can make you look like a diva in all aspects. It can jazz up even the dimmest of outfits and make you stand out in the crowd. They can be worn by everyone and are a great look that goes with both western and Indian attire. A floral nose-ring is always a great option for someone with a broader nose, while a plain ring goes well with an elongated nose. If you want to look posh for the day, diamonds are a great option. You can find many diamond nose pin design in your local store and on the internet. If you want to stick to cheaper materials, you can always find the latest nose pin designs in your vicinity.
  3. Bracelets: You might just be thinking of what else you need to buy for your jewellery box? This era and time is the fashion for minimalism. A necklace can often come out as too loud but a bracelet won’t ditch you. Bracelets go a long way and never get out of fashion. Silver, gold, pearl are some of the many materials that one can find bracelets in. Whether you want to accessorize heavily or just want to go simple, bracelets are the one piece of jewellery that you would not repent having. Furthermore, bracelets are mostly unisex. They can be worn by men and women at the same time. What better piece of jewellery that does not have labels on it!

In today’s world, most women are working women. It is beneficial to make and collect jewellery that can be used for everyday used. Therefore, minimalism is a style owned by many fashion brands and labels. With this short guide, one can dress up and look fabulous 24×7.